Available to all existing clients

SPARK gives you the opportunity call your trusted advisor and strategic coach to discuss a specific challenge and spark some ideas. Susan already knows your background, so in this 1.5-hour call, you can: 

  • Get an objective perspective from the trusted advisor and experienced business leader you already know and trust
  • Talk through a problem in a safe environment
  • Brainstorm ideas and tactics
  • Identify first steps in solving the issue and help in creating a clear plan



Do you have a problem and you’re not sure where to start? Do you need resources and don’t know where to turn? Perhaps you would like to bounce some ideas off of an experienced business leader and have an empathetic ear of a certified coach.

In this 1.5 hour Call A Coach, you can:

  • Get an objective perspective from an experienced business leader and certified coach
  • Talk through any problem in a confidential and safe environment
  • Brainstorm ideas and tactics
  • Find more clarity and identify first steps in solving the issue


“We learned so much from working with Susan! Her insights, ideas and knowledge saved us a lot of time, money, and energy. She will be our go-to consultant for years to come. We highly recommend Susan McGuire!”

-TERRY P, BLOCS Climbing

Partnering with Susan McGuire has helped me to clearly envision my goals, create realistic action plans and confidently grow into the leader I knew I could be. Susan has the corporate smarts and behavioural insights to help guide you toward your own brand of success.

-SHANNON W, Talent Brand Communications

Working with Susan is a deeply engaging experience. Her guidance ignites a combination of both practical and inspirational thoughts within to challenge my perspective and seek solutions. A genuine leader, coach and mentor.


We opened the door to working with Susan and the management team jumped on the opportunity. I’ve seen the team come together in a more cohesive way working with Susan which has improved our communication, work and the quality of the product we can deliver to our customers. I highly value Susan’s approach and her impact on our business.

– REGAN K, Boulder Climbing Community