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Are you seeking coaching and accountability to become more self-aware so you can improve as a leader? Are you looking for a consultant to diagnose why a strategy or team is underperforming? I have the expertise and experience to help you with both. I’ll help you identify the real issues and design actionable solutions and improved strategic outcomes.

My customized coaching and consulting packages are designed for business professionals and entrepreneurs who want to remove barriers to their success, create capacity and find more balance. Click the icons below to learn more about the available programs designed for your specific needs.

Far too few of us take the time to actually reflect on our strengths and the impact we are having, but I promise you that you will come into your #power in your career and life if you confidently know your strengths and what you bring to the table. 

Knowing your strengths - and overdone strengths - is the first step towards creating actionable improvements in your working #relationships and positive organizational #change. 

If I asked you what your core strengths are, could you name at least 5 things that set you apart? How do you know? What is the feedback telling you?

If you're not sure where you can generate improvements and #sustainable change, let's figure it out together!
It can be very, very difficult for people to admit wrong doing. But why?

As I sat on the bus back from Edmonton to Calgary yesterday, I thought a lot about the individual client team member coaching conversations I had that day. 

As people, we have been practicing our ways of behaving at work and in life our entire lives and just because these ways of being aren't proving super effective, it doesn't mean that we know how to behave any differently.

So, if you're wondering why the people around you don't understand the negative impact they are having in the workplace, consider this:

🔑 How clear have you been in explaining their behaviour?
🔑 What #expectations have you written down in an email following a clear conversation?
🔑 How are you ensuring they heard you and understand what improvement looks like?
🔑 If people knew how to behave differently, they already would be.

We as people need to know what's at stake in order to commit to changing (or not). Until this is clear, we don't see the need to change. 

As the leader and business owner, it's a very tough position for you to be in and you don't need to navigate it alone.

Reach out and let's talk about your unique situation and what your options are. This can be fixed.
I understand first-hand how challenging it can be to get the business results you need while giving so much of your time to your people - I've been there. And, at times, it can feel pretty frustrating.

But guess what? The ability to achieving everything you want is already within you. The key is to identify your opportunities and then focus on only those things that will make a significant difference. Otherwise, you're spending your #time, #energy and #budget in the wrong places.

As a leader and company decision maker, you have the ability to inspire and elevate your team to new heights. Let's bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

🔑 Reach out and let's chat!
Some of my favorite people, places and things from this Summer 💛
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Well, that was fun! 🍿

I'm building my business around the important topic of People. It hasn't always been an easy journey for me in my career and now I've developed my coaching programs to help others get to their true potential faster.

Thank you to @lisagareau_connectioncoach and @candyeventconsulting for your belief in me and my work and for the opportunity to share practical tips that our guests can begin to use right away in their work and lives. 

Follow along and stay tuned for the full video available on YouTube.

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In case you need to hear this - you possess immense potential and it's waiting to be unleashed upon the world! 

We don't always feel that our talents and passions are appreciated. I know, I've been there. 👎 

What if you not only knew your talents and passions better but if you could also:

👉 define them to yourself and others - which in turn results in #confidence

👉 know where and how to best utilize them - which results in doing work that #feelsreallygood

👉 and be recognized and fullfilled - which results in personal and professional satisfaction, increased #energy and #motivation.

Let's dive deep into your core strengths, nurture them, and empower you to reach new heights. 

Together, we'll create a roadmap that leads to the realization of your true potential. 

Ready to see what more you can accomplish? Me too! Let's chat!
I will never get tired of hearing my clients tell me that they are #happier  than ever before in their career and life.

This creates serious feelings of fulfillment for me personally. 💛

Check-ins along the coaching relationship are critical to ensuring progress is being made and to observe how the insights gleaned from the coaching process are felt across the coachee's life. 

No matter what is holding you back, you don't need to navigate it alone. In fact, having a qualified, experienced coach as your guide can help you to achieve your desired #results faster.

🔎 How are you feeling stuck?
🔎 How is this impacting your confidence?
🔎 What will be the outcome if you continue to feel this way?
🔎 What is one small step that will move you forward?

If you want to go deeper, let's talk!

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We learned so much from working with Susan! Her insights, ideas and knowledge saved us a lot of time, money, and energy. She will be our go-to consultant for years to come. We highly recommend Susan McGuire!

-TERRY P, BLOCS Climbing