“Susan was highly recommended to me by a mutual acquaintance because her impressive skillset was suited to my small business needs. As soon as she was hired, we had a difficult team matter to attend to and Susan guided me through gracefully and successfully. Susan has incredible empathy, compassion, smarts as well as an uncanny ability to ‘read between the lines’ effortlessly and professionally. I feel very well cared for when I’m in her hands.”
-Carolyn B, The Chinook Gardener

As a certified ICF coach, my top priority is to ensure that my clients feel supported and cared for. I am very lucky to work with clients who are ready to embrace change, eager to grow, and get the results they need for their business and life. 

If you could use some support right now, please reach out and let’s get you where you want to be!
Giving feedback is an integral part of leadership and life, and the way we deliver feedback can either have a significant positive impact or a significant negative impact on the individual, the team and on business results.

Is the feedback you're giving #constructive or destructive?

👍🏼Time sensitive
👍🏼Instills confidence
👍🏼Based on actual events
👍🏼Specific in what the desired outcome is


👎🏼Isn’t initiated in private
👎🏼Isn’t based in good intentions or is biased
👎🏼Provides no evidence of why changes are needed
👎🏼Does not offer an opportunity to discuss solutions together
👎🏼Provides an unrealistic solution that sets people up for failure

As you develop this skill, it is important to plan your feedback conversations so you have a better chance of achieving the impact you want. 

If there feels like no time to plan and a moment of passion takes control, take a second to take a breath. This will slow you down and give you a chance to collect your thoughts. As leaders, it is our responsibility to nurture the confidence and #growth of our #people during any type of feedback conversation.

Your people and your #business will thank you for it.

Looking for some constructive feedback on your feedback? Let’s talk!

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Just a quick reminder on this Tuesday in early June.

Our people are in different places mentally and emotionally so consider checking-in before assuming everyone is on the same page as you.

Your people will thank you for it and your business will benefit from it.
I'm not sure there's a bigger challenge than practicing authenticity.

Does my use of the word practice surprise you?

Authenticy isn't something we are born with it is something we learn. (Trust me, I've been learning this for years.) And, as with any learned strength, we need to first be aware of our opportunity to develop it and then practice it. 

I'll be practicing myself as I show up with vulnerability and curiosity during the next virtual Human Leaders Community Conversation at 11am mst on June 1st.

It's never too late to take a look within and learn about your unique strengths.

Your people will thank you.
When you have the power to listen, your people have the power to thrive.

We can often be moving too quickly or feel too busy to see the powerful benefits that listening has on our business and life. There are high costs to not listening and we can miss the signs.

Next time you are in a discussion, listen for the following mostly non-verbal queues that can be easily missed:

🔑The thoughts of those who haven’t contributed
🔑Each persons’ personality styles on display
🔑A creative solution to a problem you never anticipated
🔑Diverse perspectives from your own
🔑Your personal blind spots at play

Amazing things happen when you create the space for others to express themselves - you just need to listen.

Are you ready to learn how to create the capacity for listening? Let’s engage! 
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Knowing your strengths in the workplace is a key contributor to job satisfaction.


Knowing how your own personal strengths contribute to the success of your team, is key to generating self-confidence, allows you to take calculated risks, and increases your sense of belonging and purpose.

Whether we are aware of them or not, every single one of us has unique strengths that we bring to our work. 

Are you scratching your head trying to think of what your unique strengths are? Consider these questions and what your answers tell you:

🗝️What positive feedback do I receive about my work?
🗝️When do I feel most productive at work and why?
🗝️What can someone always depend on me for?
🗝️What are my passions and what transferable skills do I have?

Are you ready to be the most confident version of yourself?

Let’s talk!
How do you describe your talents? What words do you use and where do you use them to get the results you need?

It isn't an easy task to get our heads around such a complex topic (all of you) and to turn it into ACTION but it is very possible!

If you want to learn how I can help, let's engage!

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Before you move too quickly past this question, stop.

In its simplest form, ego is defined as the view that a person has of themself.

As humans, we all have an #ego but why do so many of us shy away from taking a closer look?

Our ego can actually be our friend - and a friend to those around us - when we take the time to get to know it.

It's a conscious choice we make and it's never too late.

Trust me, your #people will thank you.

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We learned so much from working with Susan! Her insights, ideas and knowledge saved us a lot of time, money, and energy. She will be our go-to consultant for years to come. We highly recommend Susan McGuire!

-TERRY P, BLOCS Climbing