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Are you seeking coaching and accountability to become more self-aware so you can improve as a leader? Are you looking for a consultant to diagnose why a strategy or team is underperforming? I have the expertise and experience to help you with both. I’ll help you identify the real issues and design actionable solutions and improved strategic outcomes.

My customized coaching and consulting packages are designed for business professionals and entrepreneurs who want to remove barriers to their success, create capacity and find more balance. Click the icons below to learn more about the available programs designed for your specific needs.

When I was in my role as HR Director, I didn't always feel I was making the impact I wanted on the people around me. 

I then learned that my natural strength to be assertive was something I could choose to pull on when I needed - and NOT pull on when a different strength was more appropriate.

This knowledge gave me power - and it felt so good! It also gave me great comfort in knowing I could choose how to show up depending on the situation and people around me.

Knowing your true self gives you the power to choose your habits, traits and behaviours that may be holding you back from from your true potential.

🔎 What knowledge do you need to help you gain the power you want in your work and life?

If you haven't lately, have a look at the various info about me in my 🔗tree and reach out if you want to go deeper.

Your people will thank you. (Mine did.)
Does it feel like your thoughts have control over you? You can regain control! It takes practice but it does work. 🩶
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You don't have to go it alone. 

Reach out and we'll talk about your people problems and how you can solve them, faster.

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This quote really resonates with me.

I've been in a place where no matter how much I wanted to solve my people problems the results didn't really change. 

I wanted more. I wanted more for my people.

I hired a coach.

We watched as I came to new ways of thinking #faster than I would have on my own.

It felt magical. 

It worked. 

With new ways of thinking came new ways of being which resulted in new and improved results.

Now I help other leaders to solve their problems, faster.

Come check out my link ☝️ and learn more about me and the magic we can create together! 🙌

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Do you know what matters most to the people around you?

We don't often know what the right solutions are so the questions we ask are critical to making meaningful changes.

Don't risk wasting your time and money on the stuff that doesn't matter - get to the root of the issue sooner. Let's talk!

#peoplefirst #leadership #self #journey #business #results #career #coach #nevertoolate #smallbusiness #mindset #growth #vision #wordsmatter #development #team #practice #yyc #yycliving #yycnow #change #cleariskind #success #learning #beinghuman #yycentrepreneur #remotesupport
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How do people perceive you and what are the business impacts?

Like it or not, people’s perceptions of us become who we are. They have an opinion about us that is real to them. Are your actions creating a positive or negative impression? 

Most people believe that what we intend to convey is exactly what people see or perceive. The reality is, there can be a wide gap between intent and impact – and often, communication is a big factor in how wide that gap is.

Consider these examples:

🔎Are you aware of how your facial expressions can make an impact? You may not even realize what your expression is but you could be perceived as unapproachable or disinterested.

🔎Perhaps you’re in a hurry and say no to an idea without providing the backstory of why it might not work. Your team might believe that you discourage ideas, which can lead to their complacency and may no longer bring ideas to the table. 

In reality, you may have insight into other factors that your team aren't privy to, however, when we don't take the time to explain (maybe suggest you talk later when you're not in a hurry), you can be branded as someone who doesn't consider new ideas.

These are just two examples of how people's perceptions of you can affect your business. Conducting an audit of how others perceive you and objectively reflecting on that feedback can help you become a more effective leader. Not sure where to start? I’m here to help.

Check out my packages created with you in mind. Link in bio ☝️

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Do Sundays make you feel like this?

I just said to my husband last Sunday that I'm beyond thankful that I no longer have that pit in my stomach when Sunday evening rolls around and I realize I need to head back to work on Monday.

I feel lucky to not have this dreaded feeling any longer. But the thing is, it's not luck. 

If you're still struggling to make sense of what you really want, where the heck to find it, and what actions you need to take to get there - I can help.

Check-out my website for the package that's right for you:

Say good-bye to the Sunday blues for good. You deserve better!

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We learned so much from working with Susan! Her insights, ideas and knowledge saved us a lot of time, money, and energy. She will be our go-to consultant for years to come. We highly recommend Susan McGuire!

-TERRY P, BLOCS Climbing