The STRIDE program helps you identify and resolve your success barriers through in-depth professional assessment, reporting, and leadership coaching.

You are a successful leader looking to take your ambition to the next level. It can be overwhelming to know where to begin and to understand what will have the biggest impact. Together we will find that “a-ha” moment to help you take bigger strides to achieve the results you want – faster.

This program will help you:

  • Assess your individual and organizational strengths and opportunities
  • Recognize your unique path and how to navigate it with confidence
  • Perfect your communication to inspire, engage and motivate people around you
  • Uncover things you didn’t yet know and begin to integrate these into your professional and personal mission 



  • Professional personalized one-on-one assessment
  • Detailed report including findings, common themes, observations and recommendations
  • Action plan to meet desired goals and milestones
  • Leadership coaching that supports you while you move through the next phase of your career








SYNERGY is a comprehensive six-month program designed to help senior leaders identify and solve their team’s success barriers by unlocking their full potential. The program will engage, motivate and empower your team to develop new synergies to achieve the overall goals and vision of your organization. You and your team will be on the right path to success – together.

This program is right for you if you want to:

  • Define you team’s current situation, talents, strengths and limitations
  • Set and achieve measurable goals, objectives, actions and timelines
  • Develop your own leadership skills to engage, empower and inspire to help your team work together in achieving a common vision
  • Be held accountable and increase your likelihood of long term success through regular leadership coaching and progress reports

SYNERGY is a three-step process that begins with our comprehensive personalized assessment practice to define your and your team’s current situation, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

Part Two is Goal Development, including determining your objectives, actions, and timelines.

Part Three executes on the information uncovered in Parts 1 & 2. This involves bi-weekly leadership coaching, milestone accountability and support, and regular progress reports.


  • Professional personalized assessment
  • Comprehensive planning and reporting documents
  • 10 individual coaching sessions with support between sessions


“We learned so much from working with Susan! Her insights, ideas and knowledge saved us a lot of time, money, and energy. She will be our go-to consultant for years to come. We highly recommend Susan McGuire!”

-TERRY P, BLOCS Climbing

We opened the door to working with Susan and the management team jumped on the opportunity. I’ve seen the team come together in a more cohesive way working with Susan which has improved our communication, work and the quality of the product we can deliver to our customers. I highly value Susan’s approach and her impact on our business.

– REGAN K, Boulder Climbing Community

Partnering with Susan McGuire has helped me to clearly envision my goals, create realistic action plans and confidently grow into the leader I knew I could be. Susan has the corporate smarts and behavioural insights to help guide you toward your own brand of success.

-SHANNON W, Talent Brand Communications